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Tanel Poder

Tanel Poder is a consultant, researcher, speaker, entrepreneur and general technology enthusiast who has worked in software and IT infrastructure world for over 15 years, since starting his career as a part time C developer at age of 16. Tanel's first full time job led him to become an Oracle database and enterprise infrastructure specialist and this is where his core expertise still lies.

He specializes on solving complex database and IT infrastructure problems, especially Oracle performance tuning, end to end troubleshooting and IT infrastructure design for performance and scalability.

Tanel is also one of these people who managed to work his way up from a computer engineer to CEO position in less than a second, by deciding to start his own business :-)

In last two years (as of 2010) he has visited 71 cities in 27 countries and has flown over a million kilometers for consulting, training his customers and speaking at conferences all over the world.

He is a frequent speaker at well respected IT conferences around the world, such as Oracle OpenWorld, Hotsos Symposium, UKOUG and CMG Conference.

Tanel has also received major recognition from the industry for his work:
  • Oracle ACE Director - Oracle Corporation's official recognition for extraordinary contributions advancing the Oracle technology scene (2009)
  • OakTable Network member - Highest respected peer recognition in the industry (2005)
  • Oracle Certified Master DBA - Highest official Oracle DBA Certification (2002)

When Tanel isn't busy with his consulting, seminars or speaking at conferences, he works on the E2SN project which is already in beta phase and is still a secret ;-)

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